「Q」- Calliope Mori x Gawr Gura x DECO*27 / Covered by Tiho & Sagiki

My first song cover with my bestie Sagiki and a small gift for my community! Thank you for all your support ! ♡

➤ Vocal: Tiho x Sagiki Ihori – https://www.youtube.com/@sagikiihori

➤ MV & Lyrics: @TheChrisWit – https://bit.ly/3nOJkN9

➤ Music: @Calliope Mori x Gawr Gura x DECO*27 – 「Q」

➤ Mix: Marcushigeru – https://bit.ly/3d7jthU

➤ Art: ojimama0- https://twitter.com/ojimama0