【Airani Iofifteen】Chat Triggers Iofi’s Yabe Side While She’s Designing Swimsuits【ID/EN Sub】

Hanya obrolan malam yang normal XD

*Original stream:
– 【 Senin Produktif 】Trying to Make Hololive Swimsuit Design! 【 iofi / ホロライブ 】

– https://twitter.com/airaniiofifteen/status/1614993879912316931?t=0dZurGUwQ_sceVwDDQAdZQ&s=19

*Vtuber’s channel:@AiraniIofifteen

– Opening bgm & art: @aulia.ip

– ED song originally created by : @shikaku_dot

Editor: Manilwow
QA: Leon V. Helsing
I’m not fluent at Japanese and English so, if you find mistakes in my clips feel free to correct in the comment!
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