Hakos Baelz Chainsaw Man [REACTION HIGHLIGHTS] Episode One – Dog & Chainsaw (GORE WARNING)

This is the first of my new series of content that I will be posting for this channel. So long story short, Hakos Balez did a full livestream reaction on watching the entire first season of Chainsaw Man. So I will like to start working on these highlight compilations by starting off with episode one.

Note: I’ll be using the english dub audio for the visuals along with english covers of the opening and endings.

I do not own any of these visuals or audio. All rights go to their respected owners.

[Gore Warning] Lots of blood, violence, and a shit ton of profanity that’ll fuck you up!

Livestream Source:

Will Stetson KICK BACK English Cover:

Will Stetson Chainsaw Blood English Cover: