Aki Rosenthal – Give in to Sleep (Binaural) [Eng Sub]

I surrender 😴
[Translator’s notes, source links, gushing and more below.]

Original stream: Long since purged, but I can still link Aki’s tweet: https://twitter.com/akirosenthal/status/1114567166332768256
Subscribe to Akirose: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFTLzh12_nrtzqBPsTCqenA
Picture used in this video and the original stream: https://twitter.com/die3035/status/1110564798113038336

The way she says that just sends chills down my spine every time. Something I really love about Aki that’s true not just in this clip but in general is that you can really hear the hearts at the end of her sentences. The way she’s so kind and loving but also so aggressive gives her this impeccable seductress aura that makes it impossible not to give in to her.

Timestamp to make it so youtube doesn’t interpret my TNs as “chapters”: 3:03

Translator’s notes:
0:11 “Makechae” (‘give in’) is a very wonderful and spicy word that comes from the verb “makeru,” meaning to give up or lose, but conjugated in both the imperative and the unintentional forms, which results in a verb form that essentially implies “I order you to do X (even though you’re not trying to do that).” This of course has a lot of fun applications, and Aki is a very formidable wielder of it.
1:19 “Alona” is Aki’s custom greeting, a combination of “aloha” (from Hawaiian) and a greeting in Elvish.