Ghost Rule FC but I swapped the audio with Takanashi Kiara and Nanashi Mumei! #hololive4thfes

HOLOTORI!!!! Both Takanashi Kiara and Nanashi Mumei absolutely nailed this song! Unfortunately this is probably my last Holofes 4th video as I doubt uploading Himemori Luna’s cover of World Is Mine will be any good on my side, copyright is so much fun right?

Note: this FC took well over 100 retries, even having 1 Safe at the outro, massive pain after I choked there. Kinda wish I kept the video now that i think about it.

Macros (cause I need them, I suck):
L1: Triangle + X
L2: Square + Triangle
R1: Circle + Square
R2: Circle + X

Original by DECO*27:

Takanashi Kiara:

Nanashi Mumei:

#hololive #kiara #mumei